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Campus Labs Products available for use by University of Minnesota-TC campus departments

  • Baseline: Product Contact: Steven Hawks - 626-9414 or sjhawks@umn.edu
    • Survey tool, electronic rubrics, and student response system (clicker)
  • Compliance Assist:  Product Contact: Steven Hawks - 626-9414 or sjhawks@umn.edu
    • Assessment of student learning, strategic planning, program review
  • Outcomes: Product Contact: Steven Hawks - 626-9414 or sjhawks@umn.edu
    • Academic assessment tool
  • Collegiatelink (CL): Product Contact: Erik Dussault - 624-8697 or dussault@umn.edu
    • Student interaction for managing student groups contact information, governing documents, and membership rosters
    • Track student group involvement data
    • System used to record student experiences or involvement
    • Has the ability to track and record event attendance

CollegiateLink is a database that records, archives and has the ability to keep the history of student group profiles, membership rosters, and events, as well as other engagement opportunities from around campus.

Students and potential students will have the capability of searching the database for student groups they are interested in joining. Additionally, CollegiateLink has the ability to store and record co-curricular information and give students easy access to a record of experiences. By using the Collegiatelink system we hope to:

  • Implement a system for tracking student involvement outside of academic course work
  • Create a record keeping system for student co-curricular accomplishments
  • Develop a system to centralize student co-curricular data
  • Provide co-curricular student data to students, staff, and faculty

CollegiateLink Uses and Benefits

There is general acceptance in higher education that greater student involvement outside of the classroom contributes to higher rates of satisfaction among students as well as retention in degree seeking programs. It is becoming increasingly more incumbent upon institutions to assist students in reflecting on, learning from, and portraying these co-curricular experiences.  CollegiateLink uses and benefits include:

  • Creates Student Ownership: Increased ownership by students over their co-curricular involvement. Additionally, increased ability for University staff to assess/evaluate impact of student involvement as well as trends and implications on student life.
  • Experience Record: Co-curricular activities offered by University departments can be housed within CL so that departments can track completion, record student reflections and assess engagement. Students will have the ability to access a record of their experiences, including student group leadership.
  • Event promotion and Attendance Tracking: Users can create event invitations and promotions to be pushed out through social media, and track attendance at events by using card reader technology.  
  • Record Service Hours: CL has the ability to record service hours. If there is a program that requires a student to perform service hours it can be included on an experience record.
  • Curriculum Development: CL has the capability to assign predetermined experiences to groups of students and track their progress along pre-set curriculum.
  • Student Groups: Student groups will be able to store and record student group profiles, membership rosters, and events. Additionally, student groups will be able to easily manage the records and involvement of individual and students will also have the ability to manage a record of their co-curricular activities. Departments, college offices and the University community will be able to analyze student involvement through tracking student experiences, attendance at events, and reflections on activities.

CollegiateLink Rollout Timeline

  1. Student Group Registration and Integration: August 2016
  2. Experience Data Gathering: Fall semester 2016
  3. Student Promotion and Integration: Fall 2017

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